Investment Management

We begin the discussion using a model driven portfolio strategy to illustrate what goes into a diversified portfolio and to help set expectations. Investment choices in the models allow for vast degrees of customization enabling us to tailor a portfolio that complements your other planning concerns, be it taxes or liquidity needs. We find the model-based approach is a great place to start. It more easily allows us to show you how your portfolio would have performed under certain conditions and periods of time. It’s easier to establish comfort levels and risk tolerance when we start with a strategic model and discuss what to expect based on real historical data. After we define your objectives and risk tolerance, we develop a portfolio that may consist of stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds, emphasizing risk management and diversification. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, your best interests lead the way.

  • Asset allocation recommendations
  • Portfolio design and construction
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring, rebalancing and maintenance