Trust & Will

Cost-effective, high-quality, but simple estate planning for individuals and couples that keeps your own CFP® at the center of the process

Through our firm’s partnership with Trust & Will, we can take you through the process and assist in the preparation of your estate planning documents. The fact is that most estates aren’t that complex and successfully creating a plan for our client is more an exercise in communication to make sure things get done. Many financial advisors think they’re already doing estate planning by simply asking if the client has a will. At Kraus Capital, we think that is nowhere near enough.

We can coordinate with you on the creation of your basic estate documents addressing the destination of your assets following your death, how, when and under what conditions your assets reach your beneficiaries, who will care for your loved ones after you are gone, advance directives for both medical and financial situations if you become incapacitated.

All legal services and estate documentation preparation and review is conducted by the highly qualified and experienced estate planners at Trust & Will.

Estate Planning Services may be ideal for you if:

  • You are not satisfied with the consequences of dying intestate (i.e., with no estate documents in place) provided by your state of residence.
  • You have non-complex estate planning requirements (important: see below for a list of potential complexities that might mean this service is not appropriate for you).
  • You wish to construct a simple estate plan (with or without a trust) for a much lower cost without having to meet with, and pay the fees of, a separate trust and estate attorney.

*Our clients receive a discount on these services. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are included in the Estate Planning service?

You will be provided with the following documents (all compliant to your state laws):

• Last Will and Testament

• Nomination of executor (including digital executor), guardians (if required)

• Medical Power of Attorney/Advance Medical Directives/Living Will

• HIPAA Authorization

• Financial Power of Attorney template.

If you select the trust-based plan you will additionally be provided with:

• Trust Documentation

• Certification of Trust

• General Transfer Document

• Instructions for Bequests of Tangible Personal Property

• Real Estate Property Transfer documentation (if needed)

• Details of how to fund a trust.

Are there circumstances in which Kraus Capital’s Estate Planning service would not be a good fit for me?

If your situation has a degree of complexity involving complex family issues, closely held businesses, estate tax liability, litigation risk, overseas assets, or non-US nationality, we advise that you work directly with a local estate attorney instead of using this service.

*Kraus Capital and your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will not be acting in the capacity of an attorney and will not be providing legal advice at any time during the process. All legal services will be provided by qualified professionals at Trust & Will.