Retirement income planning is the foundation of a solid retirement strategy. One of the key objectives is to have a consistent and reliable stream of income designed to last throughout retirement. We can help you address critical questions, such as how much income will your retirement savings generate, how to shift from the accumulation phase of your life to the distribution phase and what must be done to make it work. Much of your income may come from multiple retirement plans hosted by current and previous employers. We are well-versed in the intricacies of pensions, profit sharing plans, and 401(k) plans, especially those offered by companies within the telecom, military and civil service industries. Through our proprietary analysis we will construct a portfolio distribution strategy designed to help you coordinate your benefit plans with your other retirement options, including Social Security benefits, in order to generate cash flow and create a steady stream of income. People don’t become financially secure by accident – planning is a combination of art and science. Risk and reward doesn’t cover just investing, it involves real emotion in an ever-changing environment. Financial planning isn’t something you do at retirement; it’s what you do to get there.


We begin the discussion using a model driven portfolio strategy to illustrate what goes into a diversified portfolio and to help set expectations. Investment choices in the models allow for vast degrees of customization enabling us to tailor a portfolio that complements your other planning concerns, be it taxes or liquidity needs. We find the model-based approach is a great place to start. It more easily allows us to show you how your portfolio would have performed under certain conditions and periods of time. It’s easier to establish comfort levels and risk tolerance when we start with a strategic model and discuss what to expect based on real historical data. After we define your objectives and risk tolerance, we develop a portfolio that may consist of stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds, emphasizing risk management and diversification. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, your best interests lead the way.
  • Asset allocation recommendations
  • Portfolio design and construction
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring, rebalancing and maintenance


Data drives all of the decisions we make at the firm. The data we look at tells us that investors tend to be their own worst enemies. Much of what we do is designed to help our clients overcome the emotional drive to do the wrong things at the wrong times. Our job is to help clients define their goals, remind them of these goals over time and minimize unforced errors on the way to achieving said goals.

We believe that clients who ultimately benefit the most from our services understand something very important about behavioral finance, proven time and time again: Investors are not hardwired to make rational decisions when confronted with emotional, challenging facts with regard to their investments.

We generate a great deal of value as financial advisors by understanding this. A large part of our jobs is to act as a barrier between investors and their own worst instincts. We help to provide a buffer between both the Buy & Sell button.

We know that over our clients’ lifetimes there will be economic, political, and market events that will create significant emotional hurdles. Our mission is to help them clear these obstacles and stay on track towards the retirement they’ve worked so hard to enjoy. We work well with clients who engage actively with us during the planning process and who share our investment philosophy. We encourage our clients to be involved. After all, it’s their vision we’re pursuing.


It’s about protecting your family and your assets. With so many available plans and programs, it can be difficult to determine an appropriate strategy. We can help you evaluate options; from annuities and asset protection, to life, disability and long-term care insurance.

Estate Planning

Many individuals, couples, and families don’t just want to make their assets last for their lifetimes; they want to leave a legacy for their heirs. However, the financial side of estate planning is often overlooked and can have a significant impact on one’s family. We can assist you in articulating your estate planning needs and coordinate the work of other professionals who may be needed, including attorneys and CPAs.

Social Security

As you approach retirement, you may have a number of questions regarding Social Security. How much will my income benefit be? How do I maximize my benefits? When should I begin taking Social Security? We understand the complexities of Social Security and can address your questions.

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