Retirement Income Planning

We believe that retirement should be a time of freedom and enjoyment. We want to give you confidence and clarity so you can spend time doing the things that are most important to you.

Our retirement planning services help you envision your ideal retirement lifestyle and create a comprehensive plan to make it a reality. We analyze your existing retirement accounts, explore tax-efficient savings strategies, and develop withdrawal strategies to help ensure a secure and comfortable retirement.

Retirement income planning is more than just saving for retirement; it involves careful consideration of how you will sustain your lifestyle and cover essential expenses once you stop working. Proper retirement income planning is vital for several reasons:

Financial Security: A well-crafted retirement income plan provides you with the financial security and stability you need to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.

Lifestyle Maintenance: Retirement income planning measures whether you can maintain your desired lifestyle and be able to engage in the activities that bring you joy without financial stress.

Inflation Protection: An effective retirement income plan considers the impact of inflation over time, protecting your purchasing power and helping your money last longer.

Healthcare Considerations: Retirement income planning includes provisions for potential healthcare expenses, ensuring you have the resources to meet medical needs in your golden years.

Our Retirement Income Planning Approach

We believe that retirement income planning should be as unique as you are. Our approach is built on personalized solutions that are tailored to your specific retirement goals and financial situation. Our comprehensive retirement income planning services include:

Financial Assessment: We conduct a detailed review of your current financial situation, retirement assets, and anticipated expenses to understand your retirement income needs accurately. Aligning all the moving parts of your financial life to create a successful retirement.

Income Sources Analysis: We analyze all potential income sources, such as Social Security benefits, pensions, retirement accounts, and other investments, to develop a comprehensive retirement income strategy.

Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies: We implement tax-efficient withdrawal strategies to help minimize tax liability during retirement, stretching your retirement funds further.

Investment Diversification: Design a cohesive investment strategy to reduce risk and improve returns. A well-diversified investment portfolio is crucial for generating sustainable income during retirement. We design a portfolio that balances growth and income potential while considering your risk tolerance to help turn your retirement savings into a reliable income stream.

Long-Term Care Planning: We address long-term care considerations, incorporating insurance or other strategies to help protect your assets from potential healthcare costs.

At Kraus Capital, we understand that retirement is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and live life on your terms. Our commitment is to empower you with a retirement income plan that provides financial confidence and security. Our retirement income planning services are designed to help you achieve a worry-free retirement, where your financial needs are met, and you can pursue your passions with confidence. We are here to guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive retirement income strategy that ensures a comfortable and financially secure future. We are dedicated to helping you transition smoothly into retirement and making your retirement dreams a reality. As your life evolves, we will continuously review and adapt your retirement income strategy to accommodate any changes in your circumstances or goals.

People don’t become financially secure by accident – planning is a combination of art and science. Risk and reward don’t cover just investing, it involves real emotion in an ever-changing environment. Financial planning isn’t something you do at retirement; it’s what you do to get there.

Take the first step toward a fulfilling retirement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us be your trusted partner in securing your financial future and creating the retirement you’ve always envisioned.