Retirement Income Planning For Individuals Over Age 55

We design, build, and manage personal retirement income plans
– so you can arrive at that moment feeling confident and prepared –
knowing your money will keep working for you long after you stop.


As an independently owned and operated business, our allegiance is solely to you. We are not owned by or affiliated with any other entity, so our advice and creativity is unconstrained.


We live and breathe retirement income planning, so educating you on the best way to manage this stage of life is of the utmost importance. We help people make important decisions in the face of irreducible uncertainty.


Now more than ever people are tired of financial advisors who are not 100% focused on their goals. KCM has a fiduciary responsibility to always place our client’s interests ahead of our own. Period.


Our personalized advice is not limited to investing. We also provide personal financial planning to help you and your family make smart decisions with your money.


It is our passion to work together with you to solve your financial problems. We are trusted advisers and educators and do not sell any proprietary financial products. We are an organizer; a facilitator of technology and a sounding board for the tough life/retirement decisions our clients need to make.


Our priority is to be available when you need us. In person, over the phone, and digitally, to provide you with timely advice and respond promptly to your needs.


We outsource many administrative activities to allow us to focus exclusively on your needs. We are always testing new technology to enhance our clients’ experience. Innovation is a key driver at Kraus Capital and that allows us to bring you the very best tools and technology available.


We manage your investment assets using time-tested, academic strategies. No Wall Street model here – no proprietary products and no pressure to sell certain investments. We have the freedom to choose investment options and specifically tailor the approach to what’s best suited for you.

"We believe in the power of communication. We are here to help, so get in touch if you ever want to chat about your retirement plans – big or small."

The KCM Experience

The financial services industry is confusing and overwhelming. The world is a noisy, awesome, busy place. In the craziness of it all, you found us. We appreciate it.

We are a small business with a big vision. We see a world of people with many paths to a simple shared goal of health, happiness, and a secure retirement. We believe in the power of empathy, academics, and technology to further that pursuit.

You are unlike anyone else. That’s why we utilize a comprehensive process to ensure we are understanding, prioritizing and acting on what’s most important to you. We believe our role as your trusted advisor is to help you have a successful retirement experience. We invest on a long-term basis using the evidence of how markets have rewarded wealth over time. We develop, create and manage broadly diversified portfolios and strive to keep our clients well informed and disciplined under all market conditions.

Have peace of mind knowing your money stays with established institutions you can trust:

"We view ourselves as more of a creative design firm – helping our clients solve their retirement problems by answering questions that can’t be looked up on the internet."

-Brian Kraus

Retirement Income Planning
From Kraus Capital Management