Case Study Part 3 – Enjoying Retirement

Kraus Capital

Making Sure the Enjoyment Lasts Carol has been retired for three years. She’s done some fun things in that time but, is now realizing that retirement is going to be a long road, and she may not have the means to afford to do all that she wishes. She also has some doubts about her […]

Case Study Part 2 – On the Brink of Retirement

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Easing the Nerves of a Couple on the Brink of Retirement Ed and Mary both come from a middle-class background and had both worked in skilled technical positions for the phone company for their entire careers. Though they had fostered good saving habits, they felt nervous and anxious on the doorstep of retirement. There wasn’t […]

Case Study Week – Retirement Planning

Retirement planning case study

Retirement Planning As you approach retirement and move into the distribution phase of your life it’s imperative that you work with an advisor that thoroughly understands the risks involved and can help you manage this risk over the course of your retirement. I thought it would be of value to include a few case studies […]

How to Choose a Financial Advisor?

How to choose a financial advisor?

The number one retirement concern is running out of money. If the number one issue is running out of money shouldn’t your advisor’s number one focus be to make sure you don’t? All too often I see advisors and their firms focus on average annual returns and asset allocation strategies versus what’s really most important; […]

Can some investments help manage retirement income risk better than others?

Retirement Risks

Retirement Income Planning Risks One element we outline for new clients is helping you understand the importance of aligning your investment choices with the various risks you will encounter in retirement. For example, rather than debating whether you love or hate annuities, or if owning stocks is too risky or you feel bonds are boring […]

What is the biggest financial worry?

Retirement worries

Retirement is the number one financial worry. I want to cite Steven Chen, for an article he wrote called “Why Retirement is Broken and Needs to be Reinvented.” Most importantly to highlight a few take aways that coincide with the messaging that we are delivering to clients through our website and blog, the most important […]

Where To Begin?

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I often get asked – “How do I begin planning my retirement?” Great question. With just a handful of details, we can get right to business. First, we want to understand how much of your retirement income we can count on – guaranteed to show up in your bank account regardless of the stock market […]

Rethink Retirement

Rethinking your retirement strategy

It’s not about net worth, it’s about income. I wanted to take some time to address the thought process and the idea behind our website tagline, Rethink Retirement – especially for those outside the AT&T ecosystem. AT&T had a marketing tagline that ran between 2010 and 2014. That tagline was “Rethink Possible.” It’s a great […]

5 Mistakes on Your Way to Retirement

Retirement is specific to each person’s situation, but it’s common to see retirees making the same mistakes. Here are five of them: 1. Confusing retirement eligibility with retirement ability The numbers matter. Many times, when people have reached a certain age or met a years-of-service requirement, they are not really in a position to afford full retirement. The most important […]

Retirement Savings Tips: From Your 20s to Your 60s

Saving for retirement

Retirement Savings Tips Financial planning is a lifelong endeavor, but people often seek out investment advice that doesn’t fit their current stage in life. When it comes to saving for retirement, most Americans invest and manage those savings for six decades or longer. It’s important to consider how your resources and risk tolerance change as […]