If I hire you, who will I work with and what should I expect?

You will work directly with me, Brian Kraus, a Certified Financial Planner®. 

You should expect the most thorough retirement projection modeling process you’ve ever been through. We deliver a ton of education and different projections to see the impact of decisions, tax modeling, varying retirement dates and much more. It’s so comprehensive we usually deliver it over a series of two or more meetings.

With our ongoing service, we view it as our responsibility to deliver the retirement paycheck laid out in your plan. To deliver on this, we provide all aspects of portfolio management, update your planning projections each year to guide you in decision-making, and conduct annual tax reviews and projections. We are available to our clients for consultation on any topic that has a financial aspect to it such as moving, insurance decisions, refinancing, funding education for grandchildren, estate planning, and more.

It’s no fun being excited about a new relationship only to find out it wasn’t what was promised to be. Whether it’s moving to a new area, making a big purchase or choosing who to trust with your retirement planning relationship – you want to know you’ll be treated well even after you become a client. While we are very proud of the planning and service we provide in onboarding a new client, we take even greater care to engage, educate and empower you throughout your long-term relationship with our team. Our relentless pursuit to deliver the best client experience, and a client retention rate that is practically unheard of in the financial services industry, we will continue to build a company culture, invest, train, and communicate with one central goal: serving you.