How do we get started?

Step 1: The Initial Call

To get started, simply reach out to us by calling 210-224-1600. You can also email us or reach out via our Contact Us intake form found in multiple locations on this website. Please feel free to spend time reviewing our site as well. We’ve tried to include information to help people figure out if we’re a good fit based on the services we provide and by describing what our clients look like and the problems we help them solve. 

We will schedule a 30-minute introductory phone call to discuss your needs, goals, and how we can assist you. This is where we learn more about your situation and your financial goals. We’ll take a close look at your current strengths, opportunities, and challenges in you reaching those goals. We get a sense of what you’re looking for in a firm, and what kind of help you’ve had in the past. We discuss how you’ve achieved your wealth, and what challenges and concerns keep you up at night and identify what you like and don’t like about your current situation and what your current advisor is doing to protect your future. During this call, we will also provide you with a clear understanding of our services, fees, and answer any further questions you may have. Next, we talk through our meeting process, and what’s required to make it a success. At the end of the call, if we both decide to move forward, we’ll schedule our first meeting. To get you oriented, we send you more background on Kraus Capital, some data-gathering forms and a checklist of info you’ll need to bring to our first meeting.