Retirement Savings Tips: From Your 20s to Your 60s

Saving for retirement

Retirement Savings Tips Financial planning is a lifelong endeavor, but people often seek out investment advice that doesn’t fit their current stage in life. When it comes to saving for retirement, most Americans invest and manage those savings for six decades or longer. It’s important to consider how your resources and risk tolerance change as […]

There’s More to Retirement than Just Numbers

Emotional Aspects of Retirement Have you considered the emotional aspects of retirement and how to plan wisely? In today’s world, people are working well past the age of 65 before retiring. Some people who are in good health may not be ready to retire just yet because they like what they do, want to keep […]

20 Big Mistakes for Those Approaching Retirement

Retirement Mistakes

Not saving enough. 5 to 10 percent is not enough. Double it – today. If you’re over the age of 50 your target should be 20 percent or more. Retiring too early. Life expectancy is on the rise. It’s a risk to your retirement. You could spend 30 years or more in this stage of […]

Top 5 Biases that Impact Investment Decisions

Investment Biases

Financial Advisors as Behavioral Coaches As financial advisors, we use facts and logic to guide our clients through investment decisions, rather than emotion. Even the most perceptive investors, armed with years of market experience, can fall prey to mental biases that lead to poor investment decisions. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate mental biases, we […]

The One Thing

What's Most Important

Curly’s Advice: The “One Thing” “The one thing” is a reference to a line in the movie City Slickers. Curly, played by Jack Palance, asks Billy Crystal’s character if he knows the secret to life. As they continue to ride their horses along the big-sky Colorado backdrop, Billy says “no.”  Curly raises his index finger and says, “One […]

Changes to Your Pension Plan

AT&T Update

AT&T Retirement Plan Update To: All employees and former employees who currently have a benefit in either the Nonbargained (Legacy SBC) Program or the AT&T Legacy Management Program (U.S and Puerto Rico) of the AT&T Pension Benefit Plan and who meet the eligibility criteria described below New payment option As of June 1, 2018, AT&T is […]

Financial Longevity: Planning for a Longer Life

Financial Longevity: Planning for a Longer Life

Many retirees are not prepared for a long retirement. Americans are living longer. That’s the good news. The bad news is that most people aren’t financially prepared. Many Baby Boomers will be in retirement for over 20 years and unfortunately, many aren’t saving and investing with a longer life-expectancy in mind. There are serious consequences […]

4 Reasons Your Retirement Plan Might Fall Short

4 Reasons Your Retirement Plan Might Fall Short

Ever find yourself daydreaming about retirement but worried you’re not saving enough? Whether your dream retirement entails traveling the world, dedicating time to beloved hobbies, or helping your children and grandchildren, saving enough for retirement is critical to enjoying all of these endeavors. Everyone deserves the best retirement possible, but numerous planning mistakes can cause […]

How the Right Advice Can Boost Financial Confidence

How the Right Advice Can Boost Financial Confidence

What value does a financial advisor actually provide? This may surprise you, but the value of a quality financial advisor goes far beyond portfolio advice. It’s about guiding clients to develop sophisticated financial behaviors. With robo-advisors and consistent market volatility in the headlines, it’s important to realize the comprehensive advantages of working with a personal […]