Our Focus

Money decisions are often intertwined with life decisions. From the micro to the macro, every detail in your financial life matters. Therefore, it is essential that we start with a broad, holistic profile of your life and goals in order to make the money decisions tailored to your financial goals. 

At Kraus Capital Management, we bring your needs into focus and let those drive the investment decisions. To do that we utilize a personal, high touch process, designed to help us understand your greatest needs, both for today and the future. We understand the advantages of having sophisticated software and technology to assist us in analyzing your situation, but nothing takes the places of finding out exactly who you are and what is most important to you. We bring your needs into focus and let those drive the investment decisions. We believe this helps us offer customized strategies that can grow with you over the years.

Step 1: Brainstorm

With every client, we begin with a conversation about you and your entire financial picture, from your greatest goals and biggest fears, to your current financial situation and risk tolerance. After we get to know you a little better, you have the opportunity to learn more about us, including the services we offer, how we are paid, and how we can work together.

Step 2: Develop

Working together, we will help you determine an appropriate allocation based on your financial objectives and risk tolerance. We will develop a proposal that will be presented to you outlining our recommended strategies and the cost to implement.

Step 3: Create 

Following, we select the tools and resources needed to put your strategy into action to help meet your unique needs and goals. If mutually agreed upon, our team can help in the seamless transition of your investments. Whether transferring from a prior advisor or former employer our team is well-experienced in helping our clients transition their assets with minimal disruption to their lives.

Step 4: Deploy

Based on our analysis, we move forward with your investment strategy. In deploying your strategies and investments, we set target allocations, a review schedule and establish and prioritize a list of action steps to continue organizing and moving your financial life in the right direction. We provide a comprehensive overview of your investment strategy. We also review your documents, explain how to read your account statements, and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 5: Continuous Client Care

We meet regularly to review the progress of your plan as well as monitor any changes in your life that may require making necessary adjustments.