Let's Talk About You

What are your financial planning needs? Who is currently monitoring your financial affairs? Have you had a risk analysis in the past year? If you aren't sure, it may be time to consider searching for a financial advisor for help.

At Kraus Capital Management, our goal is to do the best job we can taking care of our clients’ investments. As a boutique firm, our size allows us to stay close to our clients, understand their specific needs, and work with them on an individual basis as they pursue their goals. Our hope is to assist you, individually, by managing your assets prudently, communicating frequently, and building long-term relationships. 

We specialize in serving retirees, providing tailored advice on crafting and managing a retirement income portfolio. We help them make coordinated decisions between pensions, Social Security benefits, and portfolio income options by offering educational workshops and in-person customized analyses that integrate these elements. This is provided on a complimentary basis. Following, we provide fee-based assistance in managing their retirement assets and with the goal to generate cash flows necessary to supplement their pensions and Social Security benefits. 

At Kraus Capital Management, we help you clarify your goals, save you time, reduce the amount of work you have to do, and empower you to feel confident knowing you are taking the right steps in pursuit of your goals. 

Breathe. You know where you want to be, but you may not always know how to get there. 

Let’s talk about the future together.