Guiding Principles

At Kraus Capital Management, we follow several guiding principles:

Straightforward Planning

You can be assured that we will tell you what we feel you need to hear in order to make the best decisions for you and your family. This is NOT always what you want to hear. We take all of your financial data – some quite complex – and present it in a way you can understand. Think of it in terms of a camera. The lens has many objects fighting for attention in the frame. Without focus, the result will be a blurry, unappealing picture. As financial advisors, our goal is to provide that focus for you – the guidance that sharpens your financial picture.

Focusing on Priorities

We believe outsized risk is overrated. Rather than chase the markets in hopes of large returns, we instead focus on pursuing your specific long-term goals. While you can't control the economy, taxes, interest rates, or the stock market, you can control your financial and lifestyle choices.

Managing Your Lifestyle

It's important to manage your lifestyle and maintain a healthy cash flow. While spending provides immediate gratification, it offers little flexibility in times of emergency. By saving and building a reserve fund, you can adapt when the unexpected happens.

Comprehensive Approach

Money decisions are often intertwined with life decisions. Therefore, it is essential that we start with a broad, holistic profile of your life and goals in order to empower you to make smarter decisions about money.

Peerless Customer Service

We provide our clients with old-fashioned, one-to-one personal service. Clients receive frequent account updates and regular communication. We settle for nothing less than client service excellence. Our clients are the foundation of our business and we go to great lengths to ensure they receive a prompt and courteous response to every inquiry.